PET examinations without certified radiopharmaceuticals


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In June 2019, the NIK published the results of the audit carried out in public health care units performing PET examinations using proprietary radiopharmaceuticals. According to the findings of the inspected units, these tests were carried out on radiopharmaceuticals without the required quality certificates.

NIK negative about the Health Ministry activities in the case of radiopharmaceuticals for PET examinations

In 2005, the Health Ministry decided to launch national production of radiopharmaceuticals in public entities. This was to contribute to independence from foreign supplies, lower costs of PET examinations and perform more tests. The government programme of domestic production of radiopharmaceuticals for PET examinations covered the centres in Bydgoszcz, Gliwice and Warsaw. Furthermore, local government funds for this purpose were allocated in two more facilities – the Swietokrzyskie Oncology Centre in Kielce and the Multidisciplinary Oncology and Traumatology Centre in Lodz.

Under the programme, Health Ministry spent a total of over PLN 24m on investments related to the launch of the production of FDG radiopharmaceuticals (most frequently used in PET diagnostics), while local governments spent nearly PLN 9m. The audit of the NIK showed that only in one of the five surveyed entities the investments were prepared and carried out reliably – in the Oncology Centre in Lodz. According to the NIK, in the remaining cases production was started with a delay, higher expenditures were incurred than planned or the concept of the centre’s operation changed.

Market change of PET examinations in Poland

In recent years, the number of PET examinations have grown by several percent annually, which was undoubtedly influenced by the increase in financing of the National Health Fund in 2016 and the increase in the number of centres offering this type of tests in Poland. Currently, PMR’s forecasts for the increase in the value of PET examinations are quite balanced – the largest group of respondents forecasts an increase of 1-4% annually in 2018-2021.

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