2 billion GSK investments in Poland

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), for 20 years of its presence, has invested 2 billion PLN in Poland. For example, during this time the company has modernised and expanded its drug factory in Poznań and built five competence centres.

Nikos Xydias, CEO of GSK Poland, said during a press meeting that Poland’s position is absolutely unique. He added that Poland is a country for GSK as important as the USA, Great Britain or Germany.

The company started investments in Poland with the purchase of Poznañska Polfa in 1998. Since then, the production of 81 drugs has been transferred to Poznañ. As a result, the factory produces 8.7 million tablets and 1.3 million capsules every day. The company exports its products to 130 countries.

GSK also has two logistics and distribution centres in Poland – in Gądki and Kampinos. These centres realize annually about 760 thousand. supplies of medicines, vaccines and other health care products to the European and Eastern markets.

Since 2006.  GSK produces HIV drugs in Poznań. Last year, the company also started manufacturing innovative drugs for HIV treatment here. What is important, the drugs produced in Poznań are among the most commonly used HIV drugs in the world.

Currently, the company also conducts 50 clinical trials in eight therapeutic areas in Poland. They include 800 patients and their value is PLN 12 million.

The company has also decided to enter a new therapeutic area – oncology. GSK currently does not have any oncological drugs in its portfolio. Krzysztof Kępiński, Director of External Relations and Public Vaccine Market at GSK, also said that the area of biological drugs is developing more and more and that GSK wants to participate in this race.

GSK employs approximately 2,000 people in Poland, which accounts for 2% of the company’s global employment. In 2017, the company paid about PLN 250 million in taxes and PLN 74 million in social security contributions.

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