84% of Polish women aged 75+ have hypertension


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Hypertension is one of the most common civilisation diseases in Poland. According to the latest NFZ data, in 2018 it occurred in nearly 10 million adult Poles.

Hypertension affects nearly 32% of the population

The number of adult Poles (18+) suffering from hypertension is growing every year. Over the last six years (from 2013 onwards), the number of patients has increased by nearly 200,000 and in 2018 it amounted to 9.9 million. This constituted nearly 32% of the population.

Of the patients, 4.3 million are men and 5.6 million are women. This means that the incidence of hypertension is more frequent among women than among men. It affects 34% of adult women and 30% of adult men. In other words, according to the standardised index, 315 women per 1 000 suffer from hypertension. In men, this figure is 267/1 000. It is worth noting that in the group of women over 75 years of age, as many as 84% of them suffer from hypertension. In men of the same age, it is about 76-77%.

However, it should be borne in mind that gender differences in hypertension incidence may also result from the fact that women, more often than men, receive health care services.

In Warminsko-Mazurskie hypertension is the least common

Significant differences in the incidence of hypertension are visible not only in terms of gender, but also in terms of place of residence. In Warminsko-Mazurskie voivodship the incidence rate is at the lowest level in Poland, both raw (280/1 000) and standardised in terms of age and gender 291/1 000) indexes.

The highest incidence, if we take into account the raw idex, occurs in the Łodzkie voivodeship (352/1 000). However, if we look at the standardised index, it reaches the highest value in Lubelskie voivodeship (342/1 000).

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