A new player on the Polish medical market just acquired PLN 27m from investors

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Jutro Medical is a primary care clinic offering telemedical advice and services under the National Health Fund. The company’s aim is to utilize technology and medical assistants to relieve doctors from operational issues. The project has just acquired PLN 27m from investors and plans to create a whole network of such clinics.

Jutro Medical began accepting patients in the summer of 2020, and by March 2021 grew to some 7,000 patients. Registration for new ones had been on hold since then and restarted again in mid-June. At the moment the clinic offers only family medicine services, while its founders are working on launching pediatrics. One physical unit already operates in Warsaw’s Zoliborz, but the project is expected to scale up and in time expand beyond family medicine advice services. Jutro Medical has been recently supported by a PLN 27m investment, provided by the German Rheingau Founders, Inovo Venture Partners, Market One Capital, and also the so called business angels.

Patients talk to doctors from anywhere, and when they need an in-person visit, such as a physical exam, lab tests, imaging, etc., they are invited to the clinic in Zoliborz. Much of the service is in the form of telemedicine – 75% of cases are resolved by chat on a mobile app. During the pandemic season, the majority (about 90%) of consultations also took place via teleportation. Since the beginning of May, about 25-30% of consultations have been onsite and the rest online.

All this is offered as part of the National Health Fund. This means that if someone declares themselves a primary care doctor and a primary care nurse, they become the clinic’s patient and can use the services free of charge. Jutro Medical then reports this to the NFZ and it pays 20 PLN per month per patient.

Jutro Medical also utilizes technology to coordinate the patient care and reduce ques to an absolute minimum. The project wants to invest the money raised in this round of financing from investors (the seed round) on developing technology to make doctors’ work easier as well as opening physical clinics in more cities.

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