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The W. Bieganski Regional Specialist Hospital in Lodz has been enriched with a modern solution to support the facility in the fight against the pandemic. Inpost company gave the hospital an admission room in the form of Care Box. The mobile room is to serve as a diagnostic point for patients with suspected COVID-19 infection.

Mobile admission room

The installed admission room is housed in a 15 m² mobile Care Box that can be easily adapted to a sanitary point and combined into larger structures if required. Furthermore, the Care Box allows easy and frequent disinfection. The solution will serve as an initial diagnosis point for people with COVID-19 infection.

The investment was financed by the InPost company, which provides courier services all over Poland. At the same time, it is worth noting that the Care Box container was manufactured by JR Modular Systems at a cost and without a margin.

Care Box and other medical containers

This is another investment in medical containers carried out on the premises of hospitals in Poland. The advantage of such solutions is exclusion of patients with suspected COVID-19 from direct contact with other medical personnel. Thanks to the mobile admission room, the risk of infections in hospitals should be minimized.

Earlier we wrote about CT scanners installed on similar principles. More investments in mobile medical containers can be expected in the nearest future, as the epidemiological situation in our country is not improving. Currently in Poland we have 53 676 confirmed Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus infections, of which 1 830 people have died (as at 12 August).

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