ai4HR: Artificial intelligence will help companies fight the coronavirus

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Artificial intelligence is also entering the fight against the coronavirus. One example is the ai4HR project, which aims to monitor the health of employees in manufacturing companies. This tool allows for the early detection of people who may potentially show signs of illness, without having to shut down the company. Artificial intelligence module, thanks to the use of analytical data, predicts potential illnesses and warns about possible staff shortages. As a result, it prevents personal downtime.

Measurement of body temperature and monitoring of employee movement

Direct monitoring of workers’ health takes place on several levels. One of them is the aiHealth Measure. It is a continuous and real-time measurement of employees’ body temperature. This is done thanks to thermographic cameras/IoT devices, whose data will be displayed on a specially prepared dashboard. An elevated worker’s body temperature is the first signal to detect a potentially sick person. Additional data, increasing the effectiveness of the employee’s health system, can be pulse, pressure, sugar level and saturation measurements. The monitoring helps to support good eating habits of employees.

Another module is aiMotion Control. It contains data on the employee’s movement and contact with other people employed in the organisation and outside it. Access to data concerning, among others, the number of people on shift with whom the sick person had contact, identification of them and the areas visited by the employee, will help to accurately determine the map of the disease together with the possibility of eliminating potential risks on the premises of the company, which may contribute to the spread of coronavirus disease.

Objective: To detect potential infected persons early enough

The third module, in direct measurement, is aiWorking Time. It collects information about the hours worked on the current shift or during many shifts in a row, as well as those during night time and overtime. Additional data, such as employee qualifications, their uniqueness and cost, will help you to choose the right replacement in case of illness, without having to switch off a particular company area.

– Maintaining continuity of operations and ensuring safety and comfort of employees seems to be a key challenge for many companies in the coming months. By joining forces with partners in the AI and BigData area, a product has been created that continuously monitors the health of employees and thus the company’s performance, allowing for early detection of employees who potentially show signs of illness. It also predicts potential illnesses globally and warns of possible staff shortages – comments Łukasz Chodkowski, Managing Director of Déhora Polska, an HR consultancy and one of the project partners.

ai4HR also collects regoal data on the disease and the labour market

In addition, the ai4HR system performs monitoring indirectly. One of the modules here is aiLabor Costs. It analyses the expenses incurred by the employer in connection with hiring employees, such as: labour costs, sickness absence and downtime of a given department or the entire plant. It also shows the lack of substitution in the given positions and suggests a list of employees to be replaced. aiRegional Medical Data, in turn, is a module that collects external medical information on the level of coronavirus morbidity and the number of hospitals in the region. Comparison of available external and internal data will help to determine the degree of risk and introduce appropriate restrictions at the workplace.

Finally, aiRegional Labor Market Data is a module that collects information about the region where the workplace is located such as: unemployment rate, number and availability of temporary agencies. It provides an opportunity to anticipate the future effects of labour shortages on the market and to react well in advance to necessary replacements.

– The world around us and we are one big information field. In every fraction of a second a huge amount of information is generated by our environment and by us. Consciously our mind is able to analyze and absorb only a small particle of it. We bring to the project the latest achievements of science and technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They support conscious making of important decisions taking into account all available sources of information. Thanks to these techniques, companies will be able to take very effective care of their employees’ health and plan their HR activities with great precision – explains Aleksander Kwiatkowski, Managing Partner at LogicAI, a company specialising in providing dedicated IT systems based on Artificial Intelligence systems and one of the project partners.

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