Arkadiusz Grądkowski was appointed president of the POLMED Chamber


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By the decision of the members of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices POLMED Arkadiusz Grądkowski has been appointed President of the Chamber. Until now, that is, before the change in the statutes of the organisation, he held the position of Chief Executive.

Arkadiusz Grądkowski has been gaining experience in the healthcare industry for many years. In 2016-2019 with his expertise in the area of medical devices, he supported the work on the amendment of the Polish Medical Devices Act and the draft Medical Devices Act, which allowed Polish legislation to be aligned with the European Union MDR Directive. He was also involved in other European projects, representing Poland at meetings of the European Union Competent Authorities for Medical Devices and acting as an expert in the European Commission’s twinning projects in Moldova and Macedonia. His experience has helped to adapt the regulations on trade in medical products and medical devices in these countries to the requirements of the European Union.

During his career, Arkadiusz Grądkowski was a member of the Lewiatan Confederation, where he served as a healthcare expert. He also cooperated with the association of pharmaceutical employers PharmaNET, the Polish Association of Cosmetics Industry, and the Polish Association of Employers in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He was also Deputy Director of the Medical Devices Information Department in the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products.

As the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices POLMED, Arkadiusz Grądkowski will continue his activities representing the needs of the 85 associated companies. His tasks will include the initiation of legislative changes, participation in social consultations and conducting a dialogue with experts, the patients’ community, as well as governmental and institutional administration. As the new President of the Chamber explains, his priority is to facilitate patient access to innovative medical devices that play an important role not only in saving lives but also in improving the quality of life of patients and increasing life expectancy in many diseases.

The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices POLMED is a member of MedTech Europe, an organisation that represents the European medical device sector. POLMED has been operating on the Polish market for almost 20 years, and it is an organisation bringing together manufacturers and distributors of medical devices.

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