Artur Bialkowski for PMR: teleconsultations accounts for about half of all contacts with Medicover’ doctors

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Artur Bialkowski, Managing Director for Business Services, Member of the Management Board of Medicover Sp. z o.o., talks to PMR about the development of telemedicine services in Medicover facilities. However, the company has not dotted the i’s and t’s yet, so the development of telemedicine will remain an important point in Medicover’s strategy. What other plans will be implemented? Find out in the material below.

Pandemic remedy

The coronavirus pandemic allowed us to strengthen our patient care model, based on a combination of in-patient visits and so-called e-visits. In the past year, we equipped nearly 3,000 doctors with a telemedicine tool, which allowed us to launch secure telephone consultations, both with internal medicine doctors, family doctors and specialists. Such a remote consultation could result in receiving recommendations, but also an e-Prescription, e-Leave or e-Referral – if additional examinations or a direct visit in our centre were indicated. Our e-visits are highly reliable, among other things because Medicover has had electronic medical records for years. The doctor, having access to the patient’s history, test results, etc., can provide comprehensive advice – even remotely. Patients quickly appreciated the possibilities offered by telemedicine, which is reflected in satisfaction surveys and business statistics. In the pandemic period, we recorded a 20-fold increase in the number of telephone consultations, and this interest is still at a high level – says Artur Bialkowski, Managing Director for Business Services, Member of the Management Board of Medicover Sp. z o.o.

All specialisations are popular, including most basic care: internist, paediatrician, family medicine specialist, but also such specialists as endocrinologist, cardiologist or dermatologist, and – somewhat surprisingly – gynaecologist. Currently, remote advice accounts for about half of all contacts with Medicover doctors, and satisfaction exceeds even that after a stationary visit, reaching the NPS 83 level (rating of satisfaction with the service and willingness to recommend it to others).  85 percent of patients declare that this type of contact with the doctor is easy and intuitive, and 70 percent notice that this way they managed to solve their health problem or shortened the time of its solution. Therefore, we have a justified assumption that the trend of telemedicine will stay with us for a longer, bigger time – explains Artur Bialkowski.

In a healthy body, a healthy spirit…

In 2021, we want to test and implement the best of the innovative solutions for remote diagnostics, which will significantly shape our offering. We will be introducing remote diagnostics capabilities, e.g. remote home examination kits for respiratory infections and diseases, chronic disease monitoring, etc. Teledermatology, the remote assessment of skin lesions, is also a very promising area. These potential opportunities are numerous – says Bialkowski, Managing Director for Business Services at Medicover.

We also have the ambition to strengthen our position in the world of sport and recreation. The popular non-wage benefits offer OK System has been operating under the Medicover Sport banner since this year, and our portfolio has been enriched by sports club chains – Fitness World and Holmes Place.

What remains unchanged is our holistic approach to health. We want to provide comprehensive health and wellness services, continuing to offer solutions that improve the physical, mental and social health of patients, employees and all enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle – concludes Bialkowski.

Artur Bialkowski, Managing Director for Business Services, Member of the Management Board of Medicover Sp. z o.o.

Read more about the latest trends in the private healthcare market in the PMR report: “Private healthcare market in Poland 2021.  Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026“.

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