AstraZeneca plans investments in R&D


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AstraZeneca intends to allocate PLN 1.5bn to investments in Poland in research and development activities within five years, said company president Leif Johansson. According to the Polish Press Agency, the information was provided during a meeting in Davos between Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the president of the biopharmaceutical company.

Development of the R&D centre

Most of the amount will be used to invest in the further development of the global R&D centre. The Warsaw centre is one of the most important research and development centres of the biopharmaceutical sector in the world. It deals in particular with oncology, lung cancer, cardiology, metabolic diseases, kidney diseases, diabetology and asthma.

AstraZeneca also intends to invest in the Polish market in the context of building a biotechnological ecosystem and life science. Activities in these areas have been facilitated by legislative initiatives concerning R&D works.

According to Jaroslaw Oleszczuk, General Director of AstraZenec Pharma Poland, such a large investment in Poland is possible due to favourable conditions for research and development. This includes, among others, a large number of good medical graduates or legislative solutions that reward research and development activity.

Activity in Poland

In 2018. AstraZeneca allocated PLN 221m for research and development activities, and PLN 156m in 2017. The company employs almost 1,800 people in Poland, of which 1,000 deal with key research and development processes worldwide.

The success of the Polish team is to carry out all the research and to lead to the registration of an innovative biological drug used in severe eosinophilic asthma.

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