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Insurance company AXA and IT company Comarch Healthcare are launching a common product on the market, informs Puls Biznesu. It will be a life insurance policy with an intelligent medical wristband.

Security and care, not money

According to the companies, this is the first such product on the market. It was created mainly for senior citizens. It is difficult to reach this group with a life insurance policy, due to the high premium, which increases with age. The product may also be intended for chronically ill young people (the age threshold for insurance has not been defined). The cost of the product is PLN 200 of the activation fee (one-off) and PLN 99 of the monthly premium. However, the sum insured paid in case of death is symbolic. According to the companies, the idea of the product is to provide a sense of security and care for the elderly.

As the AXA representative quoted by Puls Biznesu informs, the coming months will be a test of demand, risk and technology. The company does not exclude that in the future the band will be a preventive addition to every life insurance policy. AXA is also considering other related products – e.g. a respiratory monitoring device included in the child birth benefit.

The wristbands have performed 105 million tests

Intelligent Medical Bracelet (Bransoletka Zycia) is one of the flagship products of Comarch Healthcare. The product, being a telemedical solution, is nothing but a device equipped with a SIM card and a geolocation system. It continuously measures the user’s life parameters and sends them to the monitoring centre. If the results are disturbing, the user is contacted or an ambulance is sent.

Comarch supplies wristbands to seniors in cooperation with local governments, and sells them on the market as well. According to Puls Biznesu, all active bracelets have been tested in total over 105 million. About 7,000 people actively use the bracelets.  The medical bracelet is also developed by PZU.

What will the insurance and telemedicine market in Poland look like in 2020-2021? This will be discussed by practitioners during the PMR Private Healthcare 2021 Forum on 10 September 2020. More information here.

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