Changes to the Management Board of Fresenius Nephrocare Poland


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The Supervisory Board of Fresenius Nephrocare Polska appointed Tomasz Krummel as a member of the company’s Management Board. He took the place of Teresa Dryl-Rydzynska, who retired after 30 years of work in the management board.

12 years in Fresenius Nephrocare Poland

Tomasz Krummel has been working in Fresenius Nephrocare Poland for 12 years. He started his work as the Chief Operating Officer, who managed the network of dialysis stations in the southern region. In 2012 he was appointed to represent the company as a proxy. Currently he is responsible for areas related to the development and management of the company’s operating division. He also supervises the IT department.

The new member of the Management Board declared to use his previous experience of working for the company to the best of his abilities and further development. The President of Fresenius Nephrocare Polska Tomasz Prystacki informed that Tomasz Krummel’s promotion and joining the company’s Management Board is a recognition of his previous work as well as his commitment and knowledge, which will contribute to further development of the organization.

Qualifications of the new board member

Tomasz Krummel is a graduate of the Technical University of Lodz. He also completed post-graduate studies in the field of health care facility management, executive MBA management studies and many courses related to health care management.

Fresenius has 72 dialysis stations, which cover more than 6,000 patients. In Poland the company employs almost 2,000 employees.

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