Co-working for doctors will be created in Gdansk

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Cirrus Capital Group will soon open co-working medical practices in Gdansk. This concept is known abroad, but it is only just beginning in Poland, informs Puls Biznesu.

Cirrus Capital will start coworking offices in a commercial unit in a residential building.  Three offices, a reception, a waiting room, a toilet and a social annex are planned. The tenants will be doctors looking for premises to run private practice, who do not want to administer them themselves.

Cirrus Capital will provide all permits, finishing and equipment for the offices. It will also open a reception desk, the possibility of registering business, handling correspondence and accepting payments. At the beginning, the company offers to rent on certain days of the week. For example, the monthly rent for the office rented on Mondays is about PLN 1,000, according to Puls Biznesu.

According to Daniel Czarnecki, who manages office space in Savillis, quoted by the newspaper, the concept used by Cirrus is well known abroad. Doctors there even rent fully equipped with leased equipment dental offices or ultrasound.

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