Coronavirus: 3.5 million infected worldwide

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The number of diagnosed infected coronaviruses in the world has exceeded 3.5 million, according to John Hopkins University. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, nearly 14,000 cases were confirmed in Poland.

United States: Several million tests

The United States is the infamous leader in the number of diagnosed infected people. As of May 4 in the morning, coronavirus was diagnosed in nearly 1.2 million people there. It is worth noting, however, that testing is carried out on a mass scale in the US. According to John Hopkins University, 986,000 tests have already been carried out in New York alone, 916,000 in California and 428,000 in Florida.

In the second place in Spain, the number of diagnosed cases is much lower and amounts to about 217,000, followed by Italy with 211,000 diagnosed with COVID-19. Other countries with large numbers of infected are Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia.

The number of deaths due to coronavirus is approaching a quarter of a million. In Italy it amounts to nearly 29,000. It is worth noting, however, that this country reports all deaths of people diagnosed with COVID-19, regardless of whether it was the main cause of death.

Poland: Nearly 14,000 confirmed infections

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, taking into account the morning report of 4 May, the number of diagnosed infected people in Poland amounts to 13,900. 683 people died of coronavirus.

Around 2,600 people are hospitalised to suspected COVID-19 infection. About 96,700 people are in quarantine and 17,800 are under epidemiological surveillance. At the same time, 4,000 people have already been declared cured. Last day in Poland 9,900 tests were conducted. The day before, it was 11,300. In total, over 340,000 tests were carried out.

Since 4 May, Poland has been entering the second stage of economy defrosting.

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