Coronavirus: All hospitals in Poland on duty

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Until now, the treatment of patients with coronavirus in Poland has been carried out mainly in homogeneous infectious diseases hospitals. According to the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Health, all hospitals are to be ready to treat patients with COVID-19.

The hospitals are to separate three zones

According to Waldemar Kraska, Deputy Minister of Health, the Ministry sent recommendations of the national consultant for infectious diseases to all hospitals. According to them, every hospital in Poland, every emergency department and admission office is to have special places to isolate patients with suspected coronavirus infection.

The MoH recommends that hospitals should separate three patient admission zones. Red is to apply to patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus. In orange, employees are to put on and take off their personal protective equipment. The green zone is intended for non-infected patients. The triage of patients is to take place, if possible, in tents in front of hospitals. According to the MoH, the National Health Fund (NFZ) is to pay extra money to the facilities for each patient undergoing triage.

In addition, the Ministry would like to create additional places for the treatment of people with coronavirus in all intensive care units in Poland (and not only in single-room hospitals).

Modular admissions rooms are created

Tents-sluices used to triage patients appeared in front of many hospitals in Poland even before the publication of formal recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Modular admissions rooms are also being set up in front of the facilities.

According to Puls Biznesu, one of the companies that creates them is JR Modular Systems from Zabrze. The company specialises in designing and building modular offices, gastronomy objects and residential premises. Now it has developed CareBox, which is to serve as an external admissions room for the hospital. It consists of a clean and dirty zone, a doctor’s shower, a test room and a collection point. The company finances the construction and installation of the modular admissions rooms from the funds raised from the crowdfunding portal.

The modular admission room, within 10 days, was also created at St. Wojciech/Copernicus Hospital in Gdansk. It was made by Vivia Next company, with co-financing from many entities.

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