Coronavirus: Diagnostyka has joined four laboratories

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Four laboratories of Diagnostyka, a private medical company, are on the list of the Ministry of Health and are currently performing molecular tests for coronavirus, the company informed.

The target is 2,000 tests per day

Diagnostyka’s laboratories that perform coronavirus tests are located in Krakow (Zyczkowskiego Street), Wrocław (Opolska Street), Szczecin (Unii Lubelskiej Street). Also GenXone laboratory in Zlotniki (Wielkopolskie voivodship) performs such tests. The company is working on adding more laboratories in Gdansk, Warsaw, Cieszyn and Katowice to this group.

Tests are carried out using RT-PCR method, validated tests and in accordance with WHO recommendations. Diagnostyka’s laboratories are currently carrying out about 600 such tests per day, and the efficiency is expected to increase soon to 2,000. In a few days the company will also introduce serological tests for coronavirus into its offer. Currently it is verifying their quality and usefulness. However, Diagnostyka emphasises that a positive serological test result (from blood) will have to be confirmed by a molecular test.

There will be special collection points for coronavirus smears?

At the moment, the tests are performed exclusively for hospitals and other medical facilities. Diagnostyka has contracts signed with dozens of such facilities. The company tests the material taken only with the help of dedicated DIAGpack sets. They are used to take swabs from the respiratory tract and contain a medium that inactivates the virus and stabilises the material for testing.

For epidemiological reasons, swabs are not taken at Diagnostyka’s collection points. It is possible that such dedicated collection points may be established in the future. This could open the way to private testing.

As of 30 March, molecular tests for coronavirus were performed by about 50 laboratories in Poland. The last day 5,300 thousand samples were tested, and the total number of tests carried out in Poland on 2 April was nearly 62,000.

We write more about it in the latest PMR report: Laboratory diagnostics services market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development prospects. The report contains the latest data, revised on the impact of coronavirus on the market.

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