Coronavirus: Italy isolated from the world

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Italy is the second country with the highest number of coronavirus infections after China. In order to limit the spread of the disease, the country has been taking drastic precautions since 10 March.

Italy with the highest number of infections in Europe

On Wednesday, 10 March, the number of infected people in Italy was nearly 9,200, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. At the same time, the number of deaths has already exceeded 460. All this makes the number of infections in Italy the second highest in the world, after China. There are 80,800 thousand infections in the Middle Kingdom, but it seems that the epidemic has been contained there. In recent days the number of new coronavirus infections has been increasing slightly compared to the situation in February, by about a few dozen a day.

In total, the number of infections around the world came close to 115,000 on the morning of March 10. Apart from China and Italy, the countries with the highest number of infections are South Korea (7,500), Iran (7,200) and France (1,400).

Radical measures to stop the epidemic

All this has led Italy to introduce radical precautions to combat the epidemic. Initially, so-called red zones were introduced throughout Lombardy and 14 other provinces in the north of the country. From 10 March, they were extended to the whole country. What does this mean for the 60 million inhabitants? Italy introduces a total ban on public gatherings and cancels all cultural and sporting events, including the Serie A football game. Bars and restaurants will only be open until 6 pm, but residents are advised to stay at home. Cinemas and theatres are also closed, and wedding and funeral ceremonies are suspended. Schools and universities will be closed until 3 April. You can only travel in the country for important family or professional reasons.

This means that Italy will be practically cut off from the world, as flights to this country have almost been suspended. The country hopes that in this way the spread of the epidemic will be stopped. In the 11 municipalities that were first surrounded by a sanitary cordon, there is a decrease in the number of cases. The example of Wuhan also shows that such drastic measures are effective in the fight against the coronavirus.

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