BreFence: Rapid breath test for COVID-19

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Despite the positive news about vaccines for COVID-19, screening is still large-scale, so companies are working on more improvements. In May, the BreFence breath test was approved in Singapore. Breathonix reports that the total time from breath sample collection to results is less than 60 seconds.

The device in question, which works in a somewhat similar way to the globally popular breathalyzers, has been developed in Singapore. The National University of Singapore (NUS) spin-off Breathonix worked on the solution.

According to official data presented on the Breathonix website, BreFence™ Go test has an accuracy of 85.7% sensitivity and 97% specificity with non-AI. Clinical Trials are ongoing with AI to further improve accuracy. The company highlights that the breath test for COVID-19 is significantly cheaper than a PCR smear test and does not require a trained healthcare professional to operate.

As of 17 May 2021, Breathonix BreFence™ Go COVID-19 Breath Test System has gained Singapore HSA Provisional Approval.

Source: Breathonix

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