COVID-19 deaths: one in eight people without coexisting diseases

dłoń COVID-19 rękawiczka

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On 29 September the Ministry of Health changed the way of reporting the deceased to COVID-19 coronavirus in our country. Currently, the reports also present the number of deaths from COVID-19 without coexisting diseases. This is not the only change in the autumn strategy to combat the pandemic.

Over 320 people without coexisting diseases

According to data from the Ministry of Health, by 30 September, 2,513 people had died in Poland because of COVID-19, more than 320 of whom had no coexisting diseases. The direct cause of death of these people was COVID-19. This way of presenting information, as stated by Wojciech Andrusiewicz, the spokesperson for the MoH, is consistent with data published in other countries. It is intended to make the public aware of the risk posed by COVID-19 in the coexistence of other diseases.

In total, 91,514 people have been infected with COVID-19 coronavirus in Poland so far, and the number of samples tested is over 3.3 million, according to official data presented by the Ministry of Health. Nearly 17,000 tests have been ordered by family doctors.

Another change of strategy?

The dynamic increase in the number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases has changed the strategy. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health, in addition to the new tightening up, also announced changes in the management scheme for patients with a positive test result. What is more, it announced an increase of 1.2 000 beds available for patients with COVID-19.

It was reported that, as part of the autumn strategy, the Ministry of Health and the provincial governors issued more than 600 decisions indicating individual wards and hospitals to secure places for COVID-19 patients. 8,000 places on hospital wards and more than 800 ventilator beds have now been established.

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