COVID-19: vaccination in pharmacy from May

szczepienia COVID-19 apteka

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The increasing number of severe cases of COVID-19 patients is placing a significant burden on medical facilities in Poland. The defeat of the pandemic is to ensure the universality of vaccinations. Therefore, Universal Vaccination Points, drive-thru centres are being set up in Poland, and the government is also announcing vaccination in pharmacies and workplaces. We already know the preliminary schedule of the various stages of the action.

Plan for large supply of vaccines for COVID-19

Mateusz Morawiecki said that Poland has confirmed supplies for around 5.5 million doses in April, and that 9 million vaccines could arrive in Poland in May. As reported earlier, the government wants to vaccinate 20 million Poles against COVID-19 by the end of the second quarter of 2021, and by the end of August, every willing person is to receive such vaccination.

It was reported on Thursday that several hundred new points will be set up alongside the already existing over 6,500 points across the country. According to the new guidelines, there are to be an average of two large vaccination points in each poviat or city with poviat rights. General Vaccination Points (the first is to be launched on 20 April) in cities of over 50,000 inhabitants are to carry out 500 vaccinations a day, while in the remaining cities their capacity should be at the level of 200 doses.

When and where do we get vaccinated?

New vaccination points are to be established in well-connected locations, including schools, community centres, sports halls, among others. COVID-19 vaccines will also be administered at drive-thru points (the first is due to open on 15 April) and in specially created tents at local supermarkets, among others. From 23 April, the COVID-19 vaccine will be administered by paramedics and nurses, and according to the announcement, in May we will also be vaccinated at pharmacies.

COVID-19 vaccination is to be implemented evenly across the country, so districts reporting vaccine shortages today will be rolled out to the new arrangements first. Eligible for qualification and vaccination are doctors, dentists, feldmen, nurses, midwives, paramedics, laboratory diagnosticians, pharmacists, physiotherapists.

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