Livinguard technology on the front of the fight against COVID-19

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The breaking of COVID-19 records in Poland and introduced the yellow zone in the whole country is a reality that we have to face. Further solutions to combat the coronavirus appear on the market. Recently, LSP Life company has imported Fine Guard masks to Poland. They are manufactured using Livinguard technology, which ensures sterilization of air passing through the mask.

Patented Swiss technology

“Self-disinfecting” masks are a solution based on material with special Swiss technology. The technology is supposed to protect against COVID-19 infection, because Fine Guard masks are supposed to ensure bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) at the level of 99.9%. Livinguard technology is protected by over 12 patents worldwide. The masks are reusable. The manufacturer ensures their effectiveness during one year of use or up to 30 washes.

The distribution of the masks in Poland is handled by LSP Life. On the company’s website we can read that the cost of such a year-round mask ranges from PLN 110 to PLN 135 depending on the chosen variant.

COVID-19: 4,394 infections today!

As of 12 October (morning report), the number of samples tested in Poland for coronavirus infection was nearly 3.7 million, according to official data presented by the Ministry of Health. At the same time, the number of people tested was over 3.5 million. Currently, the number of beds occupied by COVID-19 patients is nearly 5,300.

It is worth noting that the total number of diagnosed infected people in Poland is 130,210, of which 3,039 people died. At the same time, 81,201 people have recovered.

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