Private hospitals organize places for COVID-19 patients

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Pandemic is not slowing down. New records of COVID-19 are achieved. There is a declaration by private hospitals which have committed themselves to securing over a thousand places for patients infected with COVID-19 coronavirus. The beds are to be ready in about ten days.

18 private facilities will organize places

Yesterday, during a press conference, President Anna Rulkiewicz and Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski informed that private hospitals will secure 1,046 beds for COVID-19 patients. Representatives of such medical companies as LUX MED, Scanmed, EMC Medical Institute and AHP joined the fight against the pandemic, according to Medycyna Prywatna portal. Places are to be prepared in about 10 days.

Private hospitals will prepare places in their facilities together with the necessary medical staff. We have already written about such plans of the Ministry of Health earlier this week, here. In the first stage, 700 beds will be prepared, but the target is to be over a thousand.

COVID-19 takes another gear

On Wednesday, for the first time in our country, the daily number of confirmed COVID-19 infections exceeded 10,000. Today, another record was set. The Ministry of Health has reported 13,632 further infections. What is more, as far as the number of deaths is concerned, there were as many as 153, 16 of which did not have coexisting diseases.

At present, the number of beds for COVID-19 patients is 18,432, of which over 58% are occupied. The Ministry is planning to increase the bed base to 30,000. Field hospitals are also being built. In connection with the development of the epidemic, the red zone is to cover the whole of Poland. Today, the suspension of the operation of sanatoriums was also announced.

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