Telemedicine: further step in the treatment of COVID-19 patients

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The Ministry of Health informed that it will start remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19. These are asymptomatic and scarcely symptomatic patients. Under this procedure, the Polish Post Office will provide pulse oximetry to patients indicated by primary care doctors (GPs). The pilotage of this procedure is being tested in Malopolska.

COVID-19 patients monitoring not only in hospitals

The increasing number of COVID-19 infections and overcrowded hospitals in Poland are causing further decisions by the government. It is not only about introducing restrictions on the functioning of the economy, but also about using modern solutions that will support doctors in monitoring patients who stay at home.

After the decisions to build field hospitals, to involve private companies in the fight against COVID-19, it was time for telemonitoring. It was reported that 1,500 pulse oximeter were delivered to Malopolska. They are to be distributed by the Polish Post Office to people with positive COVID-19 test results indicated by GPs.

Support for patients in home isolation

The device, together with a suitable application installed on the phone, is to record the oxygen level in the patient’s blood. Every three hours the readings will be sent to the monitoring center (the data will be analyzed by doctors indicated by the MoH). In this way, the moment of deterioration of patients in home isolation is to be captured in time for further assistance.

If the solution works, it will be applied throughout the country and telemedicine has a chance to become even more popular.

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