Cosmedica is developing a new concept

liscie miety cytrynka olej

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Cosmedica pharmacy chain develops a new concept of paraffins. The establishments operating under the name of Healthy Point have a wide range of healthy food and natural cosmetics.

First Healthy Point in Warsaw

From January 2019 Zdrowy Punkt operates in the Renova shopping mall in Warsaw’s Bródno district, according to Wiadomości Handlowe. It is located next to the Cosmedica pharmacy. The facility offers a wide range of health and beauty products. These include healthy food, functional and ecological food (e.g. juices, extracts, teas) and natural and organic cosmetics (including exclusive Italian brands). Zdrowy Punkt also offers natural dietary supplements or natural home care products.

On site you can consult a physiotherapist and physiology of nutrition. Health consultations (e.g. breast examination) as well as brand days and dermocosmetic consultations are organized periodically.

There’s gonna be other facilities

According to PMR data, Cosmedica Group has about 70 pharmacies. The Group’s outlets are located in shopping centres, streets and hospitals.

Cosmedica was established in 2003 and since 2013 it has been developing its facilities under a new concept. It puts great emphasis on OTC products, especially dermocosmetics. The development of Healthy Points is therefore consistent with the existing strategy of the company. The Point in Warsaw has a pilot character, but the network is planning further development of the concept.

The development of outlets with a wide range of OTC products other than medicines is one of the most visible trends on the Polish pharmacy market. Such outlets allow for greater promotion of products and reach a wider range of customers. Para-apartments are being developed by Ziko (Ziko Dermo), Hebe and European Pharmacies.

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