Part of the vaccinated will lose a valid covid certificate ?


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The validity of EU covid certificates given after vaccination in the basic scheme, following a booster, and booster dosage will be lowered to 270 days from 1 February, 2022, according to a press statement from the Ministry of Health. This implies that anyone who completed the basic vaccination cycle in the first four months of 2021 will not have a valid certificate if they do not receive another dose. The revised recommendations were created based on the stance of the Medical Board.

The changes also affect the validity of UCC certificates for the booster dose given to vaccinated individuals who have completed the basic COVID-19 vaccination schedule in order to improve, consolidate, and extend protection following vaccination, as well as the additional booster dose given after 28 days to immunocompromised patients whose immune response to vaccination may have been insufficient.

The procedure of issuing UCCs for a period of 360 days from the date of the extra booster dosage began on 31 December 2021, according to the ministry. The validity of the certificates will be decreased to 270 days from the date of immunization with the booster dose beginning 1 February 2022. The date for the booster dosage will be shortened as well, to 270 days from the date of immunization with the booster dose.

The goal of introducing EU covid certificates, according to the ministry, is to ease free movement inside the European Union. The ministry’s decision comes after the European Commission announced on 21 December that the EU digital certificate of COVID-19 immunization will be valid for 270 days following a complete vaccination.

The certificate may be downloaded or carried on a smartphone on my IKP app by logging into your Internet Patient Account (IKP). Individuals who have gotten an extra dose of vaccine can also get a paper copy of the UCC from their PCP or immunization facility. In these instances, the patient should be aided and provided a printed UCC at the vaccination center.

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