Will it be impossible to refuse a covid test ordered by an employer? 

Will it be impossible to refuse a covid test ordered by an employer? 

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According to Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski, a subordinate will not be permitted to refuse an employer-ordered test. He further stated that if the company orders a test, the person will not be sent to quarantine. The project that will allow companies to test employees, according to the Minister of Health, is a compromise solution.

We decided that the employer should have the chance to validate the test rather than the vaccination. Additionally, we are introducing such a broad capability for testing employees. While the first version, which dealt with vaccinations, sparked more debate, the topic of the employer’s ability to maintain a safe working environment and verify the test, in my opinion, is one that elicits less emotion“, the minister announced on Radio ZET.

The subordinate will not be entitled to decline to take the test, according to Niedzielski: “This will be the legislation, which will provide the employer the right at the statutory level. The employer may not use it, but if he does, he may face formal repercussions, as set down in the labor code.

According to the Minister of Health, whether the employee test can be performed two, three, or five times each week will be determined by the level of interest. Also, unlike a doctor-ordered test, an employer-ordered test does not require the employee to be quarantined due to the risk of infection.

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