Damian Ziaber as Director of Corporate Communication Bureau PZU

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Damian Ziąber has become the new Director of the Corporate Communication Bureau of the PZU Group. In this position he replaced Marek Baran, who will remain within the Group’s structures.

Ziąber will be primarily responsible for the external and internal communication strategy. He will also be responsible for the development and day-to-day operations of the press office and social media. He will also coordinate the organization of corporate events and sponsoring.

The new director of PZU has over 15 years of experience in corporate communication. In 2014-2019 he worked for Prudential Polska. He served as a spokesman and PR manager there. Previously, he worked for Sygma Bank (currently BNP Paribas Bank). He held the position of PR and internal communication department director and press spokesman. Later he was also a spokesman for clients. In total, during his career so far he has dealt with all areas of communication: internal and external, as well as corporate affairs and investor relations.

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