Diagnostics: NFZ punishes hospitals with outsourced laboratories

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The hospital, which has its own laboratory, receives a 2% higher contract with the National Health Fund than the one for which the laboratory is outsourced by an external company, according to Jakub Swadźba, president of Diagnostyka.

“There is no good press for outsourcing of medical services and this is followed by legal solutions”, said Swadźba during the IX Healthcare Forum in Krynica-Zdrój at the beginning of September.

Deputy Minister of Health Maciej Miłkowski, who is present at the Forum, denied that the National Health Fund punishes institutions which have a laboratory conducted on an outsourcing basis. In his opinion, the Fund rewards rather for its own diagnostics.

According to PMR’s analysis, in February 2018 in over 200 hospitals in Poland the laboratory was run by an external company (an outsourcing laboratory performing all or only part of the tests in the hospital as a supplement to the services provided by the hospital laboratory). In the case of eight entities, outsourcing was carried out by more than one company (with respect to different scope of tests).

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