Diagnostyka: Non-public laboratories perform 1/5 of the tests on COVID-19

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According to Tomasz Anyszek, board representative for laboratory medicine at Diagnostyka, non-public laboratories can now perform in Poland up to 20% of molecular tests for COVID-19 infection.

Private laboratories: molecular and serological tests

According to the official list published on the website of the Ministry of Health (as of 21 April), 87 laboratories in Poland are performing diagnostics for coronavirus. According to the Diagnostyka, the largest private laboratory chain in Poland, as many as 24 of them are non-public entities. Apart from several Diagnostyka laboratories, these are also Salve, Synevo, Alab or NZOZ Medigen. According to the estimates of the company’s representative, such laboratories perform over 20% of tests for detecting the presence of COVID-19, commissioned by medical entities and sanitary facilities in Poland.

Apart from that, non-public laboratories have also started performing serological tests for coronavirus. They are not epidemiological in nature, but rather, by marking the antibodies, they can indicate whether a person has already had a coronavirus infection. Currently, qualitative casket tests for detecting IgM and IgG class antibodies are widely available. Automatic half-quantitative methods are also being progressively implemented. They give more reliable semi-quantitative results of antibody concentrations.

Such tests are also offered by non-public clinics, e.g. CM Medyk from Rzeszow, CM Klara from Czestochowa, CM Wielkoszynski from Dabrowa Gornicza or Polmed network.

Warsaw Genomics already has funding from the Ministry

An example of a non-public laboratory performing molecular tests for COVID-19 is Warsaw Genomics. This laboratory has been carrying out free tests for coronavirus since 20 March. They were financed by a coalition of various companies. As part of the collected funds (nearly PLN 11m), Warsaw Genomics conducted 27.3 thousand tests. These were tests for patients and medical staff from both hospitals and social welfare homes.

Since 15 April, the financing of the tests performed by the company was taken over by the Ministry of Health. The Warsaw Genomics laboratory performs about 3.5 thousand tests a day.

More about the laboratory market in Poland in the latest PMR report: Laboratory diagnostics services market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development prospects.

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