Dieta Mamy – MZ wants to improve quality of meals in OB/GYN hospitals

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The Ministry of Health wants to improve the quality of nutrition in Polish hospitals. In October 2019 it plans to launch a pilot program for pregnant women and women after childbirth – Dieta Mamy. It will allocate PLN 50 million for this purpose.

Poor quality of nutrition in hospitals

At the beginning of July, the Ministry of Health sent for public consultation a draft regulation on the pilot programme “Standard hospital nutrition for pregnant women and post-natal women – Dieta Mamy”. Its main goal is to improve the quality of nutrition of hospitalised women, both during pregnancy and after childbirth. In the explanatory memorandum to the regulation, the Ministry of Health notes that at present hospitals do not provide such patients with a diet specially selected for their needs. Women receive standard meals, which are often of insufficient quality. The poor quality of nutrition is also confirmed by the results of the NIK audit.

PLN 50 million for the Dieta Mamy program

In order to improve the quality of meals, the Ministry wants to increase the daily food rate – the institutions participating in the pilot project will receive PLN 18.2 for this purpose (the current rate is about PLN 14). The total costs of pilotage will amount to about PLN 50 million.

The pilot project will be open to all hospitals providing services in gynaecological, obstetric or neonatological wards (including oncological gynaecology and pregnancy pathology) under contract with the National Health Fund. The pilot project will last 2 years and the agreements with the institutions will be signed for at least one year.

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