Dr. Max opened first walk-in clinic

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Dr. Max, one of the largest independent pharmacy chains in Poland, launched at the beginning of November the first doctor’s office in the format of walk in clinic. The facility was built in one of the shopping malls in Kraków, next to the company’s pharmacy.

Dr. Max’s office is a transfer to the Polish market of the walk in clinic format. This concept is very popular among others in the United States and means a quick medical consultation office. Therefore, Dr. Max directs his offer to people who need medical advice immediately and want to get it while shopping or during a lunch break. Registration for a visit is done by means of an info kiosk located at the clinic. It is also possible to make an appointment online.

According to Karol Piasecki, managing director of Dr. Max Polska, the choice of a shopping mall as the location of a clinic was not accidental. The company wanted to use this way, among others, long opening hours, convenient access by public transport and availability of parking spaces.

Currently, the facility is being visited by a general practitioner. In the future, consultations with specialist doctors and diagnostic tests will be introduced.

Dr. Max also intends to open offices in new locations.

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