Drug policy for Miłkowski

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The leadership of the Ministry of Health has been redistributed. As a result, drug policy will be the responsibility of Deputy Minister Maciej Miłkowski.

In addition to the Department of Drug Policy and Pharmacy, Deputy Minister Milkowski also supervises the Department of Health System. In addition, he initiates, coordinates and supervises the tasks of the Consumer Accident Monitoring System Administrator. He also supervises, among others, the National Health Fund, the National Medicines Institute in Warsaw, the Organisational and Coordination Centre for Transplantation “Poltransplant” in Warsaw, the Central Centre for Quality Research in Laboratory Diagnostics in Łódź, the Central Centre for Quality Research in Microbiological Diagnostics in Warsaw, the National Centre for Tissue and Cells Banking in Warsaw and the Silesian Centre for Heart Diseases in Zabrze.

In January, Marcin Czech, who ran the department in the Ministry of Health where drug policy is created, resigned in January. Two years earlier a similar move was made by his predecessor, Krzysztof Łanda.

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