Electronic medical documentation is getting closer


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Online medical documentation will be tested in POZ, AOS and hospitals. The pilotage is to start at the turn of August and September 2020 and will last until April 2021. The e-Health Centre has placed an invitation to participate in the EDM pilotage on its website on Tuesday.

EDM = medical revolution?

The e-health project (P1) is entering its next phase. The e-Health Centre will start to test the next e-services. Registration of medical events and maintenance and exchange of electronic medical documentation, as we have recently announced, will be evaluated as part of the tests. This is another project of the e-Health Centre after the introduction of the e-prescription throughout the country and the successive implementation of e-health referral.

According to the e-Health centre, the testing is primarily aimed at checking the process of transferring data on health services to the central e-Health system (P1). It will also allow to assess whether the medical documentation are correctly transferred in the system between entities. The opinions of the participants gathered during the EDM piloting will have an impact on the target solution.

Online documentation – there are incentives to test, but not for everyone

The testing may be performed by a medical institution which has performed a specified number of medical procedures in the last 6 months (POZ minimum 8 thousand, AOS minimum 12 thousand, and hospitals minimum 10 thousand). In addition, each entity must have certificates for handling e-prescriptions and e-referrals, as well as appropriate software for handling medical events.

The entities that will take part in the pilot and sign an agreement with the e-Health Centre may conclude an agreement with the NFZ for financing the digitalisation of healthcare services. The amount of co-financing for one service provider ranges from PLN 15,000 to PLN 30,000, depending on the type of healthcare services. Under this agreement, the NFZ will also finance the service provider’s active participation in the piloting of EDM on a monthly basis – up to the amount of PLN 33,000 for POZ and AOS and PLN 72,000 for hospital treatment.

A medical institution which will report at least 1,000 medical events to the e-Health system (P1) during the pilotage can apply for co-financing.

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