EMC Instytut Medyczny appoints vice-presidents for investment and finance

emc instytut medyczny

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EMC Instytut Medyczny enlarges the management board. On 4 September, Dariusz Chowaniec and Marcin Fakadej were appointed as vice-presidents. The first one will be responsible for investments, the second one for finance.

Dariusz Chowaniec became an investment director

Dariusz Chowaniec became the company’s vice-president and investment director. At the same time, he is a member of the management board in other companies of the CareUp BV capital group, to which EMC Instytut Medyczny belongs: Prywatna Lecznica Certus, Art Medicum and NZOZ Zdrowie Rodziny. Previously, for nearly nine years Chowaniec was associated with the chain of pharmacies Dr. Max, which, as EMC, belongs to Penta private equity fund. He held the positions of business development director, operations director and vice president of the management board. He was also a member of the board of directors of BRL Center, owner of Dr. Max. Karol Piasecki also moved from Dr. Max company to EMC, and we have written about here.

In total, Dariusz Chowaniec sat on the boards of over 100 companies. As EMC informs, he specialises in building and managing sales teams, cost optimisation, restructuring and integration in acquisition processes. In his career to date, he has been responsible for, among others, developing acquisition, restructuring and integration plans for acquired companies.

Marcin Fakadej is the second transfer from Dr. Max

Like Dariusz Chowaniec, Marcin Fakadej also moved to EMC Instytut Medyczny from Dr. Max. He held the position of financial director there and was appointed to this position at EMC. Fakadej has 10 years of experience as a financial director. Before Dr. Max, he worked for P&G, Microtech International and Innovations Technology Group. His experience includes 60 M&A transactions (including the largest one worth PLN 240m), as well as obtaining financing on the domestic and foreign markets.

The appointment of both Dariusz Chowaniec and Marcin Fakadej to the board of directors is most likely related to the planned merger of the EMC Medical Institute with Penta Hospitals.

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