Expenditure on drug reimbursement will increase?

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In accordance with the assumptions of the “State Medical Policy 2018-2022” document, it is planned to determine the actual budget for reimbursement at a fixed level of 16.5-17% of expenditure on health services in Poland.

Reimbursement expenses will include National Health Fund (NFZ) expenditures on pharmacy reimbursement, drug programs and chemotherapy, and Ministry of Health (MZ) expenditures on centrally purchased drugs under health programs. The assumed threshold also takes into account amounts overpaid or returned by the payer in connection with the implementation of risk-sharing instruments.

At present, the maximum level of expenditure on reimbursement is set at 17% of the NFZ budget. In practice, the Fund allocates 13-14% of its expenditure to this purpose. This means that if the new rules were in force in 2019, the NHF’s expenditure on reimbursement would amount to approximately PLN 13.5 billion, instead of PLN 12.2 billion as currently agreed.

Appropriate changes in the reimbursement act may be introduced later this year, according to information from Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

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