First approved drug for coronavirus

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According to Gilead Sciences, the coronavirus drug costs nearly $400. Remdesivir reduces recovery time from COVID-19 by four days.

Effectiveness of remdesivir in the treatment of COVID-19

Remdesivir was developed by the American company Gilead Sciences as an antiviral drug to treat Ebola. However, used for this purpose, it did not show the expected efficacy. Studies conducted in Europe and the USA show that it shortens the recovery of patients with COVID-19 by 31%. Furthermore, it slightly reduces the risk of death as a result.

According to the NIAID study in hospitalised patients with COVID-19, remdesivir shortens recovery time by four days on average. When calculating this, the amount that a hospital in the United States can save is $12,000.

How much does a coronavirus drug cost?

The price of the drug is $390 a vial. The whole treatment of one patient’s remdesivir is based on a five-day treatment with six vials of the drug. Therefore, the total cost of treatment with coronavirus drug is $2,340. Interestingly, for patients with commercial insurance in the United States, the cost of the drug will increase by over 33% to $520 per vial. At the same time, remdesivir is not available in European countries, as all currently available stock will go to the USA.

The drug was approved by the European Medicines Agency as the first treatment for COVID-19 in May. As of 1 July 2020, we have 34,775 confirmed positive cases in Poland, of which 1,477 people died.

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