First EOS system in Poland

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The first EOS system on the market in Poland was installed in the VisionMed facility in Łódź at the end of April 2020. The system is a safe alternative to X-rays, allowing for regular diagnostics. Commercial tests start from mid-June 2020.

EOS versus X-rays

Tests performed through the EOS system guarantee a minimum dose of X-rays, which allows for safe and regular diagnostics. Moreover, the examination is fully safe for children. The technology of xenon detectors reduces up to 80% of X-rays in relation to the classical X-ray system and 96% in relation to computed tomography.

The EOS system allows to take double-plane scans simultaneously in the AP and LAT plane in an upright position, as a result of which long-term 3D bone images are taken. The examination takes about 4 minutes. It can be used in the diagnosis of diseases of the skeletal system, in particular scoliosis, posture defects, hip and knee arthritis, spinal pain syndromes and degeneration of the spine.

First WizjaMed centre with EOS system

At the end of April, the network of WizjaMed facilities, run by the company Wizja V Diagnostyka Medyczna, installed imaging diagnostics equipment with the EOS system in its facility at St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus in Lodz. The cost of the equipment is PLN 2.5 million. As stated in the press release, commercial EOS research is launched from mid-June 2020. For example, the overall posture and spinal balance (skeleton from head to toe) was valued at PLN 420. Moreover, in June, the company plans to open the first specialist clinic in the same location.

Wizja V Diagnostyka Medyczna runs diagnostic laboratories, operating under the brand name of WizjaMed, which are located in the following provinces: Lodzkie, Mazowieckie, Slaskie, Dolnoslaskie, Pomorskie and Wielkopolskie. They provide CT and MRI services. Research in the centres is performed both under contract with the National Health Fund and commercially.

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