Parliament: there will be no PLN 6.3bn funding for the NFZ


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Despite the amendment to the Budget Act for 2021 proposed by the Senate, thanks to which the NFZ (National Health Fund) was to receive PLN 6.3bn, these funds will not be transferred to the health care. The Parliament decided that the funds will be managed in accordance with the provisions of the Budget Act and they will be reserved for the modernisation of the army.

The amendment to the Budget Act for 2021 shows that the funds for health care will be increased, and the increase will amount to PLN 1bn. Part of this amount, i.e. PLN 800m, will be allocated to NFZ. According to the amendment, the budget deficit will be reduced from PLN 82.3bn to PLN 40.4bn, and GDP is to increase from 4% to 4.9%. The average annual inflation may even reach 4.3%, although the previous law assumed the inflation rate to amount to 1.8%.

The unemployment rate, which until now was expected to reach 7.5%, is to be reduced to 6% at the end of the year. Changes will also affect the average employment in the national economy, and the amendment assumes an increase in this area of 0.5%, although previously it had been announced that it would fall to 0.7%. The forecasted average monthly gross salary in the national economy will amount to 5,548 PLN. This is an increase compared to the previously proposed amount of PLN 5,259.

State budget revenues will amount to PLN 483bn, which is PLN 78.5bn more than planned in the previous act. State budget expenditures will also increase from PLN 486.8bn to PLN 523.4bn.

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