Generali introduces coronavirus insurance

maseczka rekawiczki wirus

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Generali introduced a new product to its offer as part of group insurance. Employers can insure employees against coronavirus infection.

Generali provides hospital allowance and assistance

Under the programme, employees can count on financial support in connection with staying in hospital as a result of illness. There are also benefits for the stay in the intensive care unit.

Additionally, the product provides post-hospital care services such as home help, care for a child, an elderly person or an animal. Medical transport and consultations with the GP are also available under the insurance. Generali also provides support for consultations with a psychologist in the form of a telephone or video call. These are available for employees who have encountered negative effects of COVID-19 in their environment.

PZU will also insure against coronavirus

PZU, the largest Polish insurer, also protects its customers in the event of an epidemic or pandemic. This means that the coronavirus disease and its consequences are covered by the standard protection resulting from the insurance, the company informed.

PZU will pay the benefit from the hospital stay caused by COVID-19, provided that the conditions of insurance under the contract are met. This concerns documentation of the stay, minimum required length of stay and inclusion of the diagnosed disease in the contract. Hospital treatment of this disease is necessary – quarantine is not the basis for payment of the benefit.

The company also informs that it will pay the benefit for death resulting from the coronavirus infection. In connection with the diagnosis, however, it will not receive the benefit paid for a serious disease. This is due to the fact that the disease is not within the scope of the insurance contract.

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