Genomtec: Coronavirus test in 8 minutes

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Polish start-up Genomtec has developed a professional coronavirus test, which gives a positive result in just 8 minutes. The company’s product distribution targets mainly African and Asian customers.

Test speed not achievable for PCR

The kits developed by Genomtec are based on “patent pending reagents operating in an isothermal method of nucleic acid amplification”. These are genetic tests that run at a constant temperature, unlike the PCR tests used by laboratories. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a result so quickly, which is not available for PCR tests.

As Miron Tokarski, co-founder and president of the company, says in an interview with Puls Biznesu, the results of tests of coronavirus-infected (positive) patients are obtained after just 8 minutes. Samples of other patients are tested up to 30 minutes to be sure. According to the company, the diagnostic kit can be used in any laboratory in the world. It is compatible with existing devices on the market.

Distribution in Asia and Europe

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t let go. Although the situation is slowly stabilising in Europe, COVID-19 is raging on other continents. Recent days have brought global records of new infections daily. According to John Hopkins University, the global number of confirmed infections is 9.3 million, with nearly 0.5 million deaths.

The Genomtec diagnostic kit has been formally approved for sale in Europe and can also be distributed on other continents. The company focuses on talks with customers from Africa and Asia. In these markets, laboratories are less well equipped than in Europe, and the company’s system does not require advanced equipment. It also increases the capacity of PCR machines available in laboratories.

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