Health Ministry will support more than 370 hospitals in Poland

ukasz szumowski ministerstwo zdrowia

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Health Ministry announced that I and II degree hospitals operating within the so-called network of hospitals will receive an additional PLN 344m. The funds will go to 373 entities, which means that an average hospital will receive nearly PLN 1m.

Hospitals will receive an average of PLN 1m each

Additional financial resources have been established in the new draft amendment to the financial plan of the National Health Fund (NFZ). It has been submitted for approval to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance. If accepted, it will be the third in 2019 cash tranche allocated for the increase in the valuation of medical services. The total increase in the lump sum for I and II degree hospitals will amount to PLN 802m (9% y-o-y increase).

The average amount of support will amount to approximately PLN 1m. The largest hospitals will receive almost PLN 3.4m. The smallest institution – PLN 50,000. According to the Ministry of Health, 141 entities will receive funds in the range of PLN 0.5-1m, and 90 institutions – from PLN 1 to 1.5m. For example, the lump sum in the Szpital Wolski in Warsaw will increase by about PLN 2.3m. In the case of the Kliniczny Szpital Wojewodzki Nr 1 in Rzeszow, it will be about PLN 1.1m.

Appropriations to cover rising hospital costs

The ordinance provides for the introduction of a correction coefficient of 1.04 for I degree hospitals and 1.03 for II degree hospitals. The changes are to be introduced with effect from 1 January 2019. Hospitals will receive three quarters of the annual increase with a lump sum for September.

The method of distribution of additional funds is to be decided each time by the director of the hospital. The money will be used mainly to cover the costs of increases for professional groups (with whom wage agreements have been signed) and costs resulting from the amendment of the Act on the method of determining the lowest basic remuneration of medical staff. Let us remind you that the latest NIK report was very critical of the financial situation of institutions after the network of hospitals entered into force. Their costs grew faster than revenues, mainly due to rising operating costs, including statutory increases in salaries of physicians and nurses. We have written more on this subject here.

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