Caesar cuts: Poland at the forefront of the EU

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In 2016, the number of Caesarean sections in Poland was 388 per 100 thousand inhabitants. This is one of the highest levels in the European Union.  Such a conclusion can be drawn from recently published Eurostat data. In this respect, only Cyprus, Romania and Ireland are ahead of Poland.

At the same time, according to data from the Foundation “To give birth humanly”, in 2016 as many as 46% of deliveries in Poland were completed by Caesarean sections. It is also one of the highest rates in Europe. WHO recommends that only 10-15% of all births should take place in this way. The growth of caesarean sections in Poland has been avalanche in recent years.

According to the Foundation, the reason for this state of affairs is, on the one hand, the medicalisation of childbirths (the use of procedures disturbing its natural course). On the other hand, due to low standards of perinatal care (including insufficient availability of epidural anaesthesia – ZZO), many women, fearing pain, decide on the so-called Caesarean on request (without medical indications).

The Ministry of Health wants to reduce the percentage of deliveries ending in caesarean sections to about 30% by 2028. This is to be achieved by promoting the use of HCAIs and increased prenatal education (information on the negative effects of caesarean sections).

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