Russian vaccine for COVID-19 approved? The decision is controversial


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On 11 August, the world was informed that the vaccine produced in Russia effectively deals with the coronavirus COVID-19. President Putin announced that the developed preparation called Sputnik V protects against COVID-19, causing a strong immunological response. The distribution of the vaccine should start before the autumn.

COVID-19 vaccine without phase three tests

The vaccine was developed by the Moscow governmental Nikolai Gamelei Center in cooperation with the Russian pharmaceutical company Binnofarm. The approval of the vaccine is controversial as the preparation has not yet passed the third phase of clinical trials and has already been officially registered for use.

The preparation is to be distributed within two weeks after the Russian government officially announced its efficacy. According to the announcement, the vaccination programme may start at the turn of August and September 2020. First of all, the vaccine will be available for health care workers and teachers. The target is that from 1 January 2021, all residents will be able to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccine is to be voluntary.

Inhaler another hope in the fight against COVID-19?

In addition to numerous studies on the development of the vaccine, there is also research on other solutions to limit the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus to the public. Among the more interesting is the work of the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF).

Scientists there are working on an inhaler containing specialized nano-bodies, which exclude the possibility of infection as they block the connection between COVID-19 coronavirus and ACE2 receptors. Furthermore, it prevents replication of the virus.  The preparation is to be the size of a standard nasal spray. Before AeroNabs is launched on the market, clinical trials and regulatory processes are still needed.

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