Adamkiewicz’s marriage is no longer on the Adamed Management Board

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The owners of Adamed Pharma SA – Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Management Board and Malgorzata Adamkiewicz, Vice-President of the Management Board, move from the Management Board to the Supervisory Board. It was informed that this change serves to focus their attention primarily on strategic issues and directions of development of Adamed.

Adamed – family-owned pharmaceutical company

The company announced in a press release that Mr. and Mrs. Adamkiewicz, from the position of the Supervisory Board, plans to implement future successors (Children) in the company management process. Because in a long-term perspective (several years) it is expected that they will take over active management of Adamed. Currently, two new persons have been appointed to the Management Board of Adamed. They are Sylwia Berdzik-Kalarus – Director of Business Development and Product Portfolio Management and Marcin Celejewski – Director for Innovative Business Projects.

It is worth noting that 100% of shares in Adamed are held by members of the Adamkiewicz family. The company stresses that it does not plan to make a stock exchange debut and does not intend to sell its shares to external investors.

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