Amgen in Poland with new General Manager

Gianfranco Biliotti dyrektor generalny Amgen

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There was an important staff change in the Polish branch of Amgen. Person with international experience in the pharmaceutical industry has been appointed a new General Manager of the company. Gianfranco Biliotti became the new General Manager.

First job in Poland for Gianfranco Biliotti?

Gianfranco Biliotti is an engineer by education, he also received an MBA from the HEC Business School in Paris. Furthermore, he has 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

For example, he worked for over 12 years at Janssen – some of which he spent in Italy, some in Russia and some in Mexico. He has experience as a General Manager. Namely, he held this position for more than a year at Alexion in Colombia, as well as at the Colombian branch of Amgen from April 2018.

Mission at Amgen

Its mission is to build a solid organization that reflects the values of Amgen, ensuring business results through collaboration and a focus on innovation, as stated in the Amgen message.

Working with a highly qualified Polish team, I will continue the mission of serving patients in a broad sense. I believe that by conducting an open dialogue with the leaders of the healthcare system and Amgen’s active participation in shaping the external environment, we will jointly introduce innovative solutions – says Gianfranco Biliotti, quoted in the communication, Amgen’s General Manager in Poland.


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