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Ewa Krajewska has been appointed as the new head of the GIF. In moving to GIF, Krajewska stepped down from her postition as deputy director of the Department of Drug Policy and Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health, which she had held since March 2020.

Ewa Krajewska has taken over the position of Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector (GIF) from Pawel Piotrkowski, whose dismissal we have reported here. Ms Krajewska has a broad educational background, having obtained degrees from three universities. She graduated from Warsaw Medical University, Warsaw University of Technology Business School and Warsaw University. A annoucment on the government website reads that Ewa Krajewska has extensive knowledge of the mechanisms operating in the drug market in relation to pharmacies, hospitals and the Drug Policy and Pharmacy Department of the Ministry of Health, which participates in making strategic decisions for the broadly defined state drug policy.

As head of the GIF, Ewa Krajewska will be able to draw on her many years of experience gained in managerial positions in the management of pharmacy units, nationwide projects related to the promotion of science and the professional development of pharmacists. In her career she has held positions such as Chair of the Pharmaceutical Care Team, Chair of the Medical Oxygen Availability Team and member of the Steering Committee for EC Joint Purchasing.


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