Increases in dietary supplement sales in some categories only in 2020

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The difference in the rates of growth between drugs and dietary supplements last year was substantial, and we believe that this was because of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. As a result, patients were eager to buy painkillers and antivirals, whereas, in the case of dietary supplements, they tended to focus on cheaper vitamins, while forgoing more expensive supplements, including items for joints, skin, hair and nails.


Improvement in economic situation to boost dietary supplement market in the future

Our survey suggests that OTC medicines were bought equally commonly by patients in different demographic groups. The average amount spent on them also rose, but this cannot be said about dietary supplements – sales of these increased in only a few categories (including immunity, and vitamins D and C), whereas in most categories the amount was lower than that of 2019.

The factors expected to boost dietary supplement market in the future will include an improvement in the economic situation. Once the crisis has passed, Poles will again be able to afford more expensive products, as opposed to non-essentials, including dietary supplements – a packet of which can cost several hundred zloty. In addition, the return to gyms, permission to organise sporting events and a general return to physical activity will have an impact on the revival of the market for nutritional supplements for active people.

Another factor expected to stimulate sales will be an increase in the inclination of Poles to take care of their health, along with an increase in the scale of certain health problems as a result of the pandemic (most notably obesity). There is also expected to be an increase in morbidity caused by neglect of diagnostic tests and medical visits during this period. This applies to the cardiovascular system (and supplements to support the functions of this system).


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