Instagram: Sanofi is a pioneer in the industry

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In mid-October, Sanofi Polska launched Instagram social network account. This is the first pharmaceutical company in Poland to take such a step.  Will others follow in its footsteps?

Sanofi has already had accounts on other portals, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Within LinkedIn the company builds its image as a desired employer, she explained with an interview with , Monika Chmielewska-Żehaluk, Country Communication Head. Twitter, in turn, is used to communicate with journalists, representatives of health authorities and patient and industry organisations.

On Instagram, communication focuses on social responsibility and health education.  – All this with a little more smile, a joke and in a lighter form than other channels. The Instagram seems to have been created for this,” added Chmielewska-Żehaluk.

It is worth noting that due to legal regulations, companies from the pharmaceutical sector have to be careful in communication and promotion departments. Therefore, social networking sites do not deal with e.g. product topics.

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