Is that a boom for hospital investment in psychiatry?

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Recent months have seen the opening of new hospitals in the psychiatry segment. At the beginning of October, the new headquarters of Mazowiecki Szpital Wojewódzki “Drewnica”. In June, the Mazovian Hospital and Allenort Diagnostic Centre also started their activity.

The “Drewnica” Hospital is located in Ząbki near Warsaw. The facility has about 300 beds. It specializes in general psychiatry, psychogeriatry and treatment of addictions. The value of the investment, which started in 2015, is over 100 million PLN. A significant part of the investment was covered by EU funds. According to Budimex, the contractor for construction works, it is the first psychiatric hospital built from scratch in post-war Poland. The owner of 100% of the hospital’s shares and the investor is the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

The new Allenort hospital is also located in Warsaw. It has 40 beds. According to the company, the facility was established as a full alternative to hospitalisation in public hospitals.

It is estimated that as much as a quarter of Poles of working age may suffer from various types of mental disorders. Despite this, these diseases are still stigmatized in Polish society. Currently, a reform of the psychiatry system is underway in Poland, as part of the National Programme for Mental Health Care for the years 2017-2022. Its main assumption is to move away from the model of hospital treatment to the model of community care and extend outpatient treatment. At present, psychiatric treatment is the domain of inpatient treatment.

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