Jacek Rozwadowski for PMR: Enel-Med is the leader of e-visits

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Access to your bank account and transfers via your smartphone. Map of any corner of the world condensed to the application, displayed on the watch. Refrigerators ordering the missing food themselves, straight from the store. The digital revolution in the 21st century is at its best and includes newer and newer areas of life, including those related to health. In response to these trends, Enel-Med decided to launch a telemedicine kiosk Medispot, says Jacek Rozwadowski, president of the company, in an interview with PMR.

Half of the visits at Enel-Med are scheduled through the application

On the domestic market there are already over 300,000 applications for monitoring your own health. Their popularity is growing, which is also noticed by Enel-Med. Nearly half of visits to the company’s facilities are arranged via a mobile application.

An increasing number of patients – mostly between 20 and 35 years of age, who cannot fully move around in the public health care system – are looking for a modern approach to medicine and patient service. That is why we decided to launch another innovative service in June. Medispot, because we are talking about it, is a possibility of a fully-fledged medical visit without leaving the workplace – says Jacek Rozwadowski.

The whole visit takes place through a special cabin with access to a medical platform. During such a visit, the doctor is able to make a fully-fledged diagnosis, analyse the results of tests, and issue an e-release or e-prescription. The integration of the e-visit platform with the Enel-Med medical system gives the doctor full access to the patient’s treatment history.

We have no doubt that patients like this innovative approach. We derive our confidence from the statistics on e-visits in Enel-Med. We are the leader of this market in Poland, and comparing year on year, the growth of this type of medical consultations in our centre is at the level of 180%. Graphics of the specialists admitted to this system so far are almost 100% full – says Jacek Rozwadowski.

Telemedicine makes life easier

As the president of Enel-Med emphasises, the development in the segment would not be possible without for the legislative changes, giving the possibility of making a diagnosis via ICT connections or issuing e-prescriptions. The basic barriers have been removed, but the whole industry, including Enel-Med, faces further challenges. The company would like to broaden the scope of cases that can be diagnosed during the e-visit. For this purpose, however, diagnostic devices such as stethoscope, ECG or intraoral camera are needed. The company has been testing such devices for several months, but there are new problems.

The transmitted signal may be subject to interference, which puts into question the results of the test. Another thing is the possibility of leaving the full examination to the patients themselves, without professional disinfection and antisepticism. It is not difficult to imagine that after the examination of a patient with a sick throat, every next user would be more likely to become ill. That is why today we focus on safety and the use of proven solutions – emphasises the company’s president.

As Jacek Rozwadowski emphasises, telemedicine cannot be treated today as an alternative to inpatient treatment, but as a complement to it. With the spread of reliable and inexpensive medical devices, the patient will be able to become more independent from in-patient visits to medical facilities.

Telemedicine in such a way allows not only to take better care of one’s health, but also simply makes everyday life easier. This is a great value that an employer can provide to its employees, also thanks to the Medispot service – concludes Mr Rozwadowski.

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