Joanna Borczak the global marketing director of Diaverum

diaverum aparat do dializy

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Since July Joanna Borczak has been the Marketing Director of Diaverum Group, a provider of kidney treatment services. She will be responsible for the implementation of the global marketing and communication strategy in 21 countries.

Joanna Borczak in the years 2009-2014 was associated with Medim. She was the director of marketing and medical education there. Among other things, she was responsible for the project that brought the first da Vinci surgical robot to the Polish market.

Later, for four years she worked at Affidea as a Marketing Director for Poland. She coordinated the brand rebranding process there. Borczak also worked for the Ministry of Health. She was responsible for the implementation of communication and marketing strategy for e-Health and e-Prescription projects. She also co-created the Internet Patient Account.

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